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I provided this information to my students and they used it to focus their studying and increased their grade by an average of more than one letter grade.  Students at many other universities have done the same.   My students want you to have the same help learning accounting.

We all agree that it is really hard to figure out what is important to know when you are learning. This website makes it clear what is important for you to know.  There are a few things you must know for each subject before anything else will make any sense to you. Once you understand those things, the rest is easily and quickly understood.

I have taught accounting and given tests for 20 years and I know what all students are expected to know and the things that many students don ’t understand.   The website consistently repeats the things that you must know and will be asked on your test.  As you go through the multiple choice questions and work the practice tests, the key things you must know are repeated over and over again. As you repeat them you will learn them; adults learn by repetition.

Your teacher only has 2 ½ hours a week to tell you what you need to know.  It is up to you to study outside of class and learn it.  This site states clearly what your teacher said and focuses your studying to help you learn more and reduce your study time. I used many different text books to determine what should be on this site and found that all textbooks cover the same material, with very few exceptions. The site is compatible with all professors and textbooks.
I have taught accounting for 20 years and have worked in many different accounting positions including public accounting, a controller of a public company and chief financial officer.   I am currently teaching at Texas Christian University (for the past 10 years).

Students from many different Universities are using this site and have consistently improved their grade by at least a letter grade and more!  Stop struggling and get focused!

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"I was failing, used the website, and ended up with a B. Use it!"
- Michael S.

"I'm a good student and I use it. It definitely helps reduce my study time and I don't worry about what could be on the test."
- Brian W.

"Keeps me focused. Tells me exactly what I need to know. I wouldn't want to take an accounting class without using the website."
- Nichole C.

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